Hey again.

I've been looking around the wiki and having a great time, though I mostly stick to grammar and punctuation editing.

Anyway, I've been searching for the past while and haven't been able to find the articles on the two silent films shown in the theatres in Redemption, and was wondering if someone could point me to them?

Oh, and I was playing Redemption the other day and hopped on a train as it was leaving Armadillo. I got kind of bored so I equipped my bandanna and shot a few of the people in the passenger car. As normal, everybody started freaking out and huddling in their seats and the train came to a stop. However, as soon as the train stopped, everybody still alive suddenly teleported through the floor, leaving only the upper half of their torsos in the car. Shooting them teleported them back so they lay normally. I like Redemption but playing it for the past few weeks (And seeing the bird people clips) has revealed just how glitchy the game really is. Don't get me wrong, I love the game (Except for a continuing spawn of Grizzly Bears and low ammo at the same time), it just feels a little like they didn't test the game very well. I can see how this would be almost impossible to catch all the bugs and glitches in a huge free-roam game like this, but it still annoys me when it gets in the way of progress.


In other news, I hate those moments when you accidentally fall off a cliff and it's like, "Ah, crap. I'ma die." as the ragdoll begins and you see the ground rush up to meet you.



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