I was looking around the interwebs last night and apparantly there have been some sightings of a bipedal something in the vincinity of Tall Trees. Of course, the only pictures are blurry cell phone photos of the TV screen. The thing, for lack of a better word, has what appears to be a hunchback and runs on its hind legs. Many people speculate it is a werewolf inserted into the game.

Last night I wandered into Tall Trees and staked a spot, waited for night and then finally waited for a full moon, because I figured if anything this would be when the thing would appear. However, bears frequented the area and I had to keep killing them. I lost count around 17, but I believe it was something like the 24th bear that caught me from behind.

The point is, I was wondering if anybody could shed some light on this whole werewolf thing, and if anybody had actually personally seen it.

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