• DazNoob

    Everyone must of had one... You know what I mean! Those nightmares where there is a zombie outbreak and your one of the only survivors in like, your local area and you fight through the zombies, rescuing survivors blah blah usual stuff you do in a zombie outbreak, then you get eaten, die, you wake up! That gutted feeling you get when you wanted that dream to go on and on!

    Well Rockstar took the time and dedication to bring out, what I personally believe to be the greatest expansion to any game ever, the Undead Nightmare for Read Dead Redemption and what a expansion it was! I've got to say first, if you don't want any SPOLIERS, buy the game first and then read this blog review afterwards. I can guarantee you will not be wasting your money on t…

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  • DazNoob

    Red Dead Rederption?

    January 27, 2011 by DazNoob

    ==Okay...So I played through this game for about 3 days game play...And I've just recently finished the main storyline to the game, and I've gotta say...Kinda dissapointed...I loved the main storyline, I mean it is a traditional Rockstar company storyline for a game which I'm happy with, but when you finish the second to last mission, your left gob smacked. You don't understand what could possibly happen now? Right...? [SPOILERS] You find yourself playing as Jack Marston. I won't describe what happened in the mission before as I don't want to give to much unless people as me to do a personal review on the game!!

    Now..I found this a nice little surprise and I thought this would change some of the things to the gameplay, but come on, nothing …

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