==Okay...So I played through this game for about 3 days game play...And I've just recently finished the main storyline to the game, and I've gotta say...Kinda dissapointed...I loved the main storyline, I mean it is a traditional Rockstar company storyline for a game which I'm happy with, but when you finish the second to last mission, your left gob smacked. You don't understand what could possibly happen now? Right...? [SPOILERS] You find yourself playing as Jack Marston. I won't describe what happened in the mission before as I don't want to give to much unless people as me to do a personal review on the game!!

Now..I found this a nice little surprise and I thought this would change some of the things to the gameplay, but come on, nothing was different at all...Somehow, he's managed to keep all my weapons with all the same ammo? Now that's all fine and dandy...I suppose, I mean it'd be nicer if he just started with a revolver or something instead of all the same weapons! It's just makes no difference to the game apart from your controlling a new character...There is similar dialogue, same weapons, strangers speak to you as if they've spoken to you previouslly, there's just no massive difference to you playing as this character, and tbh IMO I mch preffered John Marston to play...Either way, I like this addition, it was a nice touch and was fun at first to play as this different character.

Next of all, I'd LOVE to rant and moan about how cliche the mission was searching for the last guy! This was a stupid 15 minute run to find this man, and what a stupid way to finish it all. It was your typical predictable, been done so many times ending. I was extremely dissapointed with this as I expected a whole lot more considering the ruthlessness of the Wild West back in the day...I mean come on, they could've left this for some DLC and seriously go to town on the story-line. I guess it is much to late for them to change it now, due to them having it already in the game and now no future DLC is coming out sadly! :( All in all, I would definately love to try give this game a proper well written review and I might just do some day when I've got enough time...I guess!! :D

Final words on this, I suggestif you haven't got this game yet, you have to buy it, it is a an extremely great game with probably the best DLC you can offer to a game! This is definately a contender for GOTY (IMO). If your a fan of cowboys or GTA or RDR. Your going to love this game. Buy it, order it. Play it! You will not regret it kay?! :D Guhbye! ==

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