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    when you are in free roam it would be cool to be able to dance smoke a pipe play the violin just by pressing l1 or lb going were there should be the lasso and presing one of the arrows on your controler .

    like when you are weating for a gang match to start your player is doing somthing like dancing or smoking a pipeor stuff you shold be able to do that when you want in free roam by pressing the arrows and chose 4 of those actions in the outfitters.

    here are some of the actions i thoght about: smoke a cigarette or a pipe, dance, play the violin, look around whit binoculars, sleep, clap your hands, try to start a fire, eat somthing, drink, sharpen your knife, pray,pee,spit,read the newspapper, wistle a tune , pretend to be dead,

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