• Deathmight

    Red Roleplay

    February 6, 2011 by Deathmight

    We present you Red Dead Roleplay, a massive Serious Roleplay Community exclusive for Playstation 3 ONLY!

      • Updated 05.06.2012

    I have finally made a fantastic site where you can enjoy real RolePlay:

    There is much more content to search for;,27355.0.html,17766.0.html

      • UpdatedRoleplay will be held at every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 22:00(Central Europe Time/GMT+2) and will last to 24:00 or even 02:00...

    I will held this great event, so add my PSN and write why you add me(So I know you aren't a spam/scam PSN)

    I will only able to host a normal server at 16 players in one server so I will apologise for them who are either late or it…

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