We present you Red Dead Roleplay, a massive Serious Roleplay Community exclusive for Playstation 3 ONLY!

    • Updated 05.06.2012

I have finally made a fantastic site where you can enjoy real RolePlay:

There is much more content to search for;,27355.0.html,17766.0.html

    • UpdatedRoleplay will be held at every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 22:00(Central Europe Time/GMT+2) and will last to 24:00 or even 02:00...

I will held this great event, so add my PSN and write why you add me(So I know you aren't a spam/scam PSN)

I will only able to host a normal server at 16 players in one server so I will apologise for them who are either late or its full...

I also make chat rooms for them who havent mics and everyone can communicate with each other.

What is Roleplay?

Role-playing refers to the changing of one's behaviour to assume a role, either unconsciously to fill a social role, or consciously to act out an adopted role. While the Oxford English Dictionary defines role-playing as "the changing of one's behaviour to fulfill a social role",the term is used more loosely in four senses:

To refer to the playing of roles generally such as in a theatre, or educational setting;

To refer to taking a role of an existing character or person and acting it out with a partner taking someone else's role, often involving different genres of practice;

To refer to a wide range of games including role-playing video game, play-by-mail games and more;

To refer specifically to role-playing games.

A role-playing game is a game in which the participants assume the roles of characters and collaboratively create stories. Participants determine the actions of their characters based on their characterisation, and the actions succeed or fail according to a formal system of rules and guidelines. Within the rules, they may improvise freely; their choices shape the direction and outcome of the games.

Role-playing can also be done online in the form of group story creation, involving anywhere from two to several hundred people, utilizing public forums, private message-boards, mailing lists, chat-rooms, and instant-messaging chat clients (e.g. MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ) to build worlds and characters that may last a few hours, or several years. Message boards such asProBoards and InvisionFree are popularly used for role-playing. Often on forum-based roleplays, rules and standards are set up, such as a minimum word count, character applications and "plotting" boards to increase complexity and depth of story.

There are different genres of which one can choose while role-playing, including, but not limited to, fantasy, modern, medieval, steam punk, historical, etc. Books, movies or games can be, and often are, used as a basis for role-plays (which in such cases may be deemed "collaborative fan-fiction"), with players either assuming the roles of established canon characters or using those the players themselves create ("Original Characters") to replace—or exist along side—characters from the book, movie or game, playing through well-trodden plots as alternative characters, or expanding upon the setting and story outside of its established canon. Role playing takes years to master, but it does not take too long to learn the basics.

See more:


Out of Character RULES:

Do NOT spam chat box! Do NOT piss off players or make it uncomfortable for a player to play RDR RP! Be respectful against other players,what they say and do... Do NOT random kill someone Do NOT be racist or discriminate other players Do NOT cheat ALWAYS ROLEPLAY!

The Punishment may be a kick,but you always get a warning

In-Game Character Rules:

Rules at Beginning of the game: You DON'T HAVE a horse at beginning You HAVE ONLY ONE GUN from Beginning,The Cattleman Revolver You are alone at beginning,no friends,no enemies You HAVE ONLY 50$ at Beginning to start with!

Rules IN GAME: You do not cheat(cheat:Dont say your money status,Call a horse you really dont have or something like it.People MUST REPORT if they see someone cheat!) You play Roleplay,that means,you act and pretend you are in the game in real life,you must drink and eat every day(Ingame) and do what you need to survive. You arent allowed to use the RP chat box to chat with others random(ONLY RP IN THE CHAT BOX) Do not do what you dont usually would do in a real life,kill random,or kill a human without a reason.

Heres some RP kind whats happend with you from beginning: You are a person who either started a new life(from begining/reset) and you have 50$,you dont have a horse,or guns(except Cattleman revolver) You are in a dessert looking for a civillisation...

Money Earnings and Equipment System

Propertys and stores You buy drinks from the local saloon(bar).

General: You buy either drinks(that not consist alcohol) or food at General store,you also can buy some knifes(Throwing knife) and Maps,news paper,tobacco,"equipment" such as pick axe or new boots.

Gun shop: You buy all sorts of weapons.

Doctor: "Heals" your wounds,cure disease or you may buy medical equipment.

Saloon: Gives drinks,gives better morale,raises your persons mood,"having time" with prostitutes.

Sheriffs Office: You can be jailed,you may track down bounty targets,ask questions,report a person, and bribe yourself out of a problem.

Hotel: Rest and live for some time,gives ability to hide away from sheriff/goverment.

Palace/Town Hall: Gives ability to influence the leader(s),buy propertys,start politican groups,complain and start jobs in towns or start in the goverment....

House/Property: Your own house and safehouse,use to live and store elements,abiliti to hide away from police,you have any right to land near your house,may be stolen from thiefs if the theifs success breaking in the property...

Horse stall:Where you buy horses

Telegram office: Sending messages and clear your name of any bounty on your head...

Camps: Rest and restore a little ammo

Trading companys/General store: Trade in and out equipment and stuff

Ports: Buy spice,Hear rumors,buy cargos and luxurice cargos(Trade system)

Leather shop: Buy everything or oppgrade clothes or maps...

Caves/Tunnels: Work or buy Gold,Silver,Bronze,Diamants and Coal

Money system:

You have abillity to either work for others,such as bar man,farmer assistant,cattle farmer/cattle rustler and many more jobs,hunt and sell skin,feathers,flowers,treasures,hunt bounty targets, Trade, steal,robb such as a person,a waggon or a bank... Assist someone in a job or help someone and get rewarded...

Trade system: Theres a trade system going on.. Take a port/farmer at Mexico buy goods(such as luxuries,weapons,ammo,clothes,eastern goods,) and take them to Blackwater Port. You must take a waggon with you filled goods and transport them to Blackwater,if you loose the waggon or destroy it,you will loose your goods(This is a good way to it hard for players to use transport) And revers at Blackwater to Mexico

Diamonds CargoBuy at Gaptooth Breach 5000$Sell at Blackwater 10,000$

Luxuries Goods Buy at Nosalida= 1000$ Sell at Blackwater=3000$

Clothes Goods Buy at Casa Madrugada=50$ Sell at McFlarens farm=150$

Ammo Goods Buy at Thieves Landing=100$ Sell at Fort Mercer=300$

Guns Goods Buy at Pike Basins=900$ Sell at El Presidio= 2400$

Skin Goods Buy at Manzanita Post=20$ Sell at Cochinay= 50$


You can buy Propertys that may have an income or just have a property to live,if you buy a income property they cost less in Mexico,but have less income,in America,The cost alot but have more income Propertys-Price-Income

Whole Gang areas,(such as whole plain incl. Blackwater,Cochinay,Beechers Hope and Thiefs Landing) 100,000$ Income Tax,you may demand tax from anyone living or are in the area with govern rights)

Cities(Both) 75,000$ Income 25,000$ ever day

Farms in America: 15,000$ Income every day: 600$

Motels/Hotels in America: 20,000$ Income every day 1200$

Farms in Mexico: 5,000$ Income everyday 150$

Motels/Hotels in Mexico: 5,000$ Income 300$ every day

Tunnels/Mines in America: 20,000$ Income: 6,000$ every day

Tunnels/Mines in Mexico: 10,000$ Income: 3,000$ every day

Forts in America: 10,000$ Income 300$ every day

Forts in Mexico: 5,000$ Income 100$ every day

Saloons(Both): 4,000$ Income What owner sells to players and another gets 600$

Ruins 50-200$(Depends how big they are) No Income!

Ports(Both) 4,000$ Income Tax Traders

Houses(Both) 500-1500$ Depends how big the houses is... NO INCOME Shacks(Both) 50-150$ Depends how big the houses is.. NO INCOME Hotel rooms The Owner decide the pay every day

You can rent houses,shacks and hotel rooms...

Jobs(some of them) You will get paid in days

Job-payment(as examples)

Governor of Blackwater-"Unlimited" Money(I have unlimited money,but I have no rights to buy something huge or buisness)(Thats me,deathmight,i am also gamemaster) Sheriff(Only one per town)- 300$ Deputies-100$ Mayor(Only one per town,must be accepted by me)-1,000$ Shop Keeper/Horse seller-Gets paid from what he sells,and another 50$ Shope Keeper Assistant-10$

Paper boy/News boy-5$ Farmer-200$ if the harverst been success Taxi-100$ and gets what a player pays him American Soldier 300$ Mexican Soldier: 200$ Miners: 40$ and also gets 3% chance of finding gold(cargos) Politicians: 400$ Guards at Blackwater: 200$ Bodyguards to Mayors or Governor: 350$

Bandits: Depends what he Loot,but he gets also 50$ And many more jobs......

Wanted system If a police officer saw you performing any type of crime then he has the right to arrest you, if you start shooting at him, he has the right to kill you. Remember getting arrested is not good, but better than getting killed. Once arrested you have to get into a carriage or onto a horse and the officer will take you to jail/prison.

You must pay your bounty on your head or you must be in prison in 5-15 minutes(Real world time)

Character Creation For Example, Name - Nick Jones Job - Mercenary Side job(optional) - Robber Posse - None Background - Nick grew up in the small town of 'insert future town' and witnessed his family's murder, ever since then he's been a wanderer killing for money. House - TBA Transport- Turkmen (Horse)

Also you must say what you have earned and what you have lost/spent or you may be kicked for un-RP,if you "forget"I will give you a warning next time.

If your character die,you will loose everything of propertys and money/equipment and need to start all over again!

I hope you will like this serious RP this friday I will Any questions just ask me at PM, if you want to join send me a friend request at PSN, if you came earlier you may have chance get some good paid jobs. Also send some comments if you want,critics,praise or tips are welcomed.

Also this inspiration and something may have been copied from other Red Dead Roleplayers events.

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