Hey guys, I'm here to share my opinion on each character, one by one. Anywho, lets start.

Landon Ricketts - I saw this one coming. R* did a really good job with the quotes. It feels good finally being able to play as the legendary gunslinger in a non-undead form. 9.8/10

De Santa - I've been looking forward to this guy since L&C, same goes for Javier and Landon. I'm a bit disappointed that all his quotes are in Spanish, but it's still cool. 8/10

Javier Escuella - This one is my personal favorite. Back in 2010, I was oblivious to the fact that they didn't include him in L&C. The quotes are great, a good shuffle of English AND Spanish quotes, nice. And of course, the almighty sombrero. Hell yeah. 10/10

Jonah - I'm glad Jonah got in. You just can't have the marshal without his deputies. His quotes are funny as hell, just like his character. 9.5/10

Eli - Well, he has a good appearance, and as I said, you have to have Eli once you have Jonah and Leigh. Nice quotes, too. 9.1/10

Drew MacFarlane - Really? Who wanted Drew? Why not Edgar's right hand man Archer? His quotes aren't that good, his character overall is a bit boring. I have yet to meet anyone who wanted Drew over Archer, or wanted him period. 4/10

Uncle - Uncle is just awesome. Funny quotes, funny look, etc. I'm glad he's finally in. 9/10

Nastas - It's good to have Nastas along Macdougal. Hes simply awesome. His quotes are really loud and badass. 9/10

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