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  • Doc.Richtofen

    A Question

    July 29, 2010 by Doc.Richtofen

    If you decide to replay some of the story missions, what happens after the mission is completed?

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  • Doc.Richtofen

    Anomaly Madness

    July 25, 2010 by Doc.Richtofen

    I was travelling to MacFarlane's Ranch from Armadillo when I decided to stop. As I did so, I saw two strange figures behind me. When I got closer I saw it was two people. One was sitting down while the other was sat up. I went closer, this is when it got weirder. The woman lying down was covered in blood, dead. She had a bottle by her hand. The man next to her was drinking through a bottle, the same bottle that was by the woman's hand. Suddenly, he dropped the bottle, shivered, then dropped to the floor dead. I'm pretty sure they're were dead because they were covered in blood plus that you don't see people drunk that far from saloons. Maybe this is a new anomaly. Has anyone seen this before? And why are they covered in blood?

    I was in Sepu…

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  • Doc.Richtofen

    Dead Snakes

    July 10, 2010 by Doc.Richtofen

    Throughout the land of Red Dead Redemption, snakes can be seen. Randomly, I have seen many dead snakes. My question is, why are there random dead snakes and who killed them?

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  • Doc.Richtofen

    What do you think of the music added to Red Dead to deliver a more emotional feel?

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  • Doc.Richtofen

    Buckin' Awesome

    June 30, 2010 by Doc.Richtofen

    I have a problem with this achievement. I have broke all three horses required, yet I have not received it yet. Is anyone experiencing the same problem?

    Also, which of the three horses required for this achievement is your favourite?

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