In the afternoon of the 24th... A upper level trough and a passing cold front strengthened near Eastern South Henessey... Then approached the absolute portions of Tall Trees. Within the upper level trough and the passing cold front... Sufficient but marginally strong instability and vertical shear triggered series of strong thunderstorms as atmospheric destabilization occurred. As the airmass has been gradually destabilized... A potent south southwesterly deep tropospheric flow from the mid level disturbances supported couples of supercellular development... As the vertical shear marginally extended.. some low-topped storms and severe storms took on supercellular characteristics.. resulted some strong storms may pose nearly high probability for tornadic events.. began to produces weak rotations then some from each storms developed into strong rotations and very few produced two confirmed tornadoes across our region. The threat for tornadic activity was 15% slight-to-moderate risk and as well.. the tornado threat remained isolated from other expected hazards.


Earlier afternoon... The upper level trough produced few cluster of low-topped storms and a isolated severe storm then the clusters intensified as very few isolated storm took on 'S' shape... Most likely the isolated storm evolved into small LEWP segment and an extremely rare event has happened.. a possible and clearly visible hook echo was above the 'S' shaped storm quickly turned into a supercell thunderstorm.. the tornado is much probably located at the hook echo.. also there were uncertainty that the tornado may be short-lived and often hidden in torrential burst of downpours.

A strong supercell moved offshore near West Kentuckon then afterward.. the incoming rain-wrapped tornado braced offshore as later then got too gusty. Truly torrential rainfall poured heavily and blindingly... Afterward.. a possible tornado has made an appearance but wasn't visible as the tornado gusted up many trees which some may appeared to be downed.. might even caused some structural damage. Quarter sized hail suddenly came down on burst for seven minutes and perhaps quarter sized hailstones inflicted at least four cabins and houses.. including few structural sites has been damaged from the hailstones.

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