• Dyke.philer

    Game of the year!

    September 3, 2010 by Dyke.philer

    I would say that I am a pretty avid gamer. I complete roughtly 1 to 2 games every few weeks maybe 4 in a month if I am feeling up to it. Most games you play through once maybe twice ge the achievements or the trophies that are simple to get and then move on to something else. My brother got this game for his birthday, now I have never been one for Rockstar games in general I played GTA 3 and Vice City on the original xbox but I just couldn't get into them so I haven't really cared much about what they put out just all seemd far to violent. Not only that a western game, BORING! I hate western type movies so this game really didn't appeal to me at all never read anything about, which is a bit odd because I read a lot of gaming news but I thiā€¦

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