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Am I the only one who thinks that Jack should get more of a story

I think that Jack Marston got the short end of the stick in Red Dead Redemption. At the end of the game I had this weird feelin that when Jack killed that asshat Edgar Ross that Jack's true journey had begun. I think he should get either a game or at least a DLC like GTA IV had. Now my idea for Jack's story to start off at is him standing over Edgar Rosses' dead body & then have it skip to one year later where Jack sitting at the salloon in Armadillo. Then maybe have some drunk basterd challenge Jack to a duel which Jack accepts & wins. After that have a gang leader come up & compliment Jack on his shootin. The gang leader then asks Jack to join his gang & after a long pause Jack says" I ain't got nothing to live for so what the hell". Now I know that having Jack join the gang seems out of character but remember he's basically drunk and ain't got nothin better to do with his life in his mind. I think it would be really awsome if you could actually have western style bank robberies. That's what I think Jack's story should be like. Please leave comments and speak your mind because this is America where a liar, a cheat, & a degenerate can prosper and everybody else of course.

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