• Fairyell

    Rank 1: Cattleman Revolver, El Senor Mount.

    Rank 2: Repeater Carbine.

    Rank 3: Throwing Knives.

    Rank 4: Lusitano Nag Mount.

    Rank 5: Volcanic Pistol.

    Rank 6:

    Rank 7:

    Rank 8: Winchester Repeater, Turkmen Mount.

    Rank 9: Schofield Revolver.

    Rank 10:

    Rank 11: Pump Action Shotgun.

    Rank 12:

    Rank 13: Springfield Rifle.

    Rank 14:

    Rank 15: Dynamite.

    Rank 16:

    Rank 17: Double-Action Revolver.

    Rank 18: Sawed Off Shotgun.

    Rank 19:

    Rank 20: Rolling Block Sniper Rifle.

    Rank 21:

    Rank 22: Fire Bottle, Cleveland Bay Mount.

    Rank 23:

    Rank 24: Semi-Automatic Pistol.

    Rank 25:

    Rank 26: Semi-Automatic Shotgun.

    Rank 27:

    Rank 28: Carcano Sniper Rifle.

    Rank 29:

    Rank 30:

    Rank 31:

    Rank 32: Henry Repeater.

    Rank 33: Hungarian Half-Bred Mount.

    Rank 34:

    Rank 35: High Power Pistol.

    Rank 36:

    Rank 37: Double-Barr…

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  • Fairyell

    Hey, im Fairyell. I am a gunslinger, i live in the UK, but on Red Dead Redemption, i live in Mexico!

    I play Red Dead Redemption on PS3, so if any PS3 users have RDR, and wish to meed me, text me, i assure you i will reply.

    I am also a level 50 5th prestige, so yes i do have the zebra donkey. I have to admit, the zebra donkey is fast, but not as fast as the American Standard Bred, that is the black horse. I will give all of you new comers a list of mounts you will collect through out the game.

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