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  • I live in Newcastle, England
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  • My occupation is College Film Student
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  • Fist of Dollars

    Before I Start, it's been a while since I've been on here, new laptop and all. But I need some help with something.

    This a unrelated Red Dead Post, I did hear a rumor there in Pre-Production for a 3rd one, can't comferm it as it was during a match on Red Dead. Any some help with something. Six months ago I created a Facebook Campaign called "Who Else Wants Star Wars Battlefront III ?" Now if your a Star Wars fan you'll know this is a big deal. As we've been waiting for a 3rd instalment since 2005. This Campaign I made back in January has reached 5328 likes but really to show demand and the voice of Fans it needs to be in the millions.

    I did however make Promo Ad for the Campaign, more or less my first proper attempt at editing. I need help g…

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  • Fist of Dollars

    Bad News People, The Game Developers Spark Unlimited are NOT producing Battlefront III. It turns out they were producing Lost Planet 3. So another rumor proven false, so for months we heard that Spark Unlimited were producing a Sci-Fi game and yesturday we found out it wasn't Battlefront III. The game we were hoping for.
    But now that we know that there isn't one being made, we the people, the Fans of the Star Wars Battlefront games will show that this game is demanded. So lets prove this From one Star Wars fan to another. To make this Campaign work Star Wars fans must unite together and prove that we want this game. So lets spread the word "Who Else Wants Star Wars Battlefront III?" Lets get 1million likes by May 19th 7 years since the rel…

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  • Fist of Dollars

    Wow, yep it's been a while since I've been on this wiki but yeah, Rockstar related and I got L.A. Norie for Christmas just gone. But it made me think the it's good playing as the cop this time and looking for clues etc but to be L.A.Norie didnt have that "get up and go" like GTA does and recently I've been watching the Dirty Harry movies and in my opinion I think it would make a great game. A game based from the movies. But what do you think?

    Peace out

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  • Fist of Dollars

    Ok this is off topic a Star Wars Blog on Red Dead Wiki, but since joining this wiki I have came across others including two Star Wars ones. Anyways the point of this is a old game I used to play called Star Wars Battlefront II back then it was Xbox and PS2. Now it has been 7 years and there are rumors about a 3rd installment, again I have created a Facebook Campaign for this and for Ideas. Now I've only just made this 11/1/2012 and now today 12th it has 14 people who've join. Now there are any Star Wars or Battlefront fans here would you want to join this Campaign?

    Here's the link

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  • Fist of Dollars

    Have you ever been in a match or free roam and some kid is being a "pain in the arse" and you want to challenge him to a duel but things get in the way like other players etc. Well peeps what if there was a Dueling Match. 1v1. Settle it like men first guy to die, Loses! Now I bet many of you have had a player want to duel you or you wanting to duel someone else.

    Well is my idea a mixer of the Battle Royale from Red Dead Revolver and the Duel between Bond and Scaramanga in The Man With The Golden Gun - 1974.

    So lets say the location was Armadillo, you challenge someone to a Duel to test your skill, cunning and how deadly you really are. They except. Now the two players will begain the Dueling match. They each have one weapon and one weapon on…

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