Have you ever been in a match or free roam and some kid is being a "pain in the arse" and you want to challenge him to a duel but things get in the way like other players etc. Well peeps what if there was a Dueling Match. 1v1. Settle it like men first guy to die, Loses! Now I bet many of you have had a player want to duel you or you wanting to duel someone else.

Well is my idea a mixer of the Battle Royale from Red Dead Revolver and the Duel between Bond and Scaramanga in The Man With The Golden Gun - 1974.

So lets say the location was Armadillo, you challenge someone to a Duel to test your skill, cunning and how deadly you really are. They except. Now the two players will begain the Dueling match. They each have one weapon and one weapon only (either LeMat or Schofield Revolver) For this we'll use the LeMat. The players each have 9 Bullets that is it. There is no other way of getting any more, onced used thats it. The players when ready will take 20 paces. The players can not look behind them though they don't have to move forward. A player could walk forward for his 20 paces while the other you use his to turn and hide in a alley.

Now lets make thing more intresting, your map does not show the other player, even when shooting, running and jumping. But this could be a little boring as even more interesting. Bots are included in this game that shoot but not at the player but near him, to catch the player off guard and to use a Bullet. This would add a bit more surpense to the match as you won't know who is firing their weapon. Also the Match should be only Normal aim and Expert aim NO CASUAL. Though Expert should have double the xp.

Now are you a betting man or woman if so you'll like this. You can bet like with Poker or Liar's Dice you can bet money on yourself to win. Also you can change how many Bullets you can have for the Duel. Between 1 and 9 Bullets. If you take one Bullets and win you xp will be higher than if you Dueled with 9 Bullets.

So what do You think of this Idea to be able to Duel with other players?

So do you think that a Dueling Mode would be good?

The poll was created at 16:29 on December 31, 2011, and so far 9 people voted.

Also if you wish to join the "Who Else Wants More" Campaign for more DLC the link is below.

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