So the other day I was on google looking for things to do with Red Dead Redemption and I came across a Picture which blew my mind and it make me think. Well we have the normal Red Dead Redemption Story and the Undead Nightmare Story, well why not a Cowboys & Aliens Story. I've said it before and I'll say it again this game could still have things included to it. Why not a Cowboys & Aliens DLC, the mixture of genres worked in the film. Plus what would you be getting out of it well...

  • A New Singleplayer Story
  • New Weapons
  • New Enemies to take on
  • New Achievements
  • A New DLC?!?!

Now some people will approve of this idea some will not, but it's something else, it's something new. Now the plot would be like the film. The player must take on the invaders, defend towns, save people, round up old friends and take the battle to them.

So for those who are unsure with the consept here's a taster &

Now this is just an "Idea" but if you think about it this consept could work well in the world of Red Dead. The town in the clips looks like Armadillo, it would be brilliant to do that. Here's some trivia for you The Major Cast of Cowboys & Aliens played Red Dead to get a feel for the film .

Rdr c&a

High Plains Invaders

But what do you think. Would you want a Cowboys & Aliens DLC?

So do you Think a Cowboys & Aliens DLC would work?

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