Dear Wikia People

I am in need of your help, as many of you's are aware nearly a month ago I created a Facebook Campaign for Red Dead called Red Dead Redemption "Who Else Wants More?" to help get the ball rolling for more Singleplayer and Multiplayer DLC's

Now I was hopeing that it would take off quite well but to be honest it's going slowly since starting the Campaign on Wednesday 12th October the Campaign has had 119 likes. Not enough to do anything really. Without proper advertisting it can't generate a large fan base.

So what I'm asking is, if you can help spread the word, contact friends and tell them about the Campaign, as the more people the better and if they tell others more could join. So hypothetically speaking if you were to message 25 friends ethier on Xbox or PS3 who play Red Dead or any Rockstar games to join and get others interested the Campaign could become more noticeable.

So if you helped by doing this, One helping a good cause and Two I'd be very grateful for your help, Now I know the Campaign would need millions of likes but yous would help get the ball rolling. Think of it if it "were" to work and Rockstar "did" make some New Content, you would be there playing the game and thinking "Wow I helped to get this made" So if you help by spreading the message by telling your mates who also play this great game that would be brillant, so if you do or already have a big thank you.

So would you want more?

The poll was created at 16:24 on November 10, 2011, and so far 17 people voted.

Here is the Link to the Facebook Campaign

Fist of Dollars

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