Before I Start, it's been a while since I've been on here, new laptop and all. But I need some help with something.

This a unrelated Red Dead Post, I did hear a rumor there in Pre-Production for a 3rd one, can't comferm it as it was during a match on Red Dead. Any some help with something. Six months ago I created a Facebook Campaign called "Who Else Wants Star Wars Battlefront III ?" Now if your a Star Wars fan you'll know this is a big deal. As we've been waiting for a 3rd instalment since 2005. This Campaign I made back in January has reached 5328 likes but really to show demand and the voice of Fans it needs to be in the millions.

Star Wars Battlefront III Facebook Campaign Promo Ad05:30

Star Wars Battlefront III Facebook Campaign Promo Ad

Campaign Promo Ad

I did however make Promo Ad for the Campaign, more or less my first proper attempt at editing. I need help getting it noticed, I need it to boom. Would anyone here like to help spread the word? Basically Share the Promo Ad over the social network like Facebook share it with people etc, So it gets known. If you can help that would be brilliant.

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