As most of you now know Red Dead Redemption run has come to a close. There bring out a Game of The Year Edition so now we know it it over for anymore DLC's. But remember this is a Red Dead Wiki, so in time Rockstar will possibly do a 3rd Installment to one of their greatest games (the other being GTA San Andreas) They should make ones as Red Dead Redemption was a huge success, so if Rockstar are going to make a 3rd Installment lets get some of our ideas in. Think about, look at the ideas we put in some of the blogs what we thought would be good and most of them were, so again if they are going to make a new one lets get some feedback into it. So what ideas do you think would be good. Mind you Rockstar will do a plot for the game so dont bother putting story should be about.... this could happen.... Think of it like a cake, the story is the filling in the middle the rest is whats there. If we can generate enough ideas I and I hope you's as well should send these off. Please now comment on this blog page Thank you

Fist of Dollars

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