To Everyone on this Wiki, I need your help. I have created a Facebook Campaign for "Who Else Wants More?" but I need your help to build it's awareness. The more aware it is the more notice it will get and who knows it could work. I Hope so.

So if people from the Wiki were to join that would be brilliant as it would be a big help, so if everyone on the Wiki got involved that superband it would be every good of yous. Now the Campaign is similar to my Blog of the same name basically the ideas from it plus pictures and polls. But like I said I need your help to help generate awareness for it. Most of the People who are on this Wiki like Red Dead so if you were to join and spread the message to your friends and they passed the message to thier friends etc it would help. So if Interested comment.

Here is the link to the page!/pages/Red-Dead-Redemption-Who-Else-Wants-More/173233006095828

Think of it we could change something!

Fist of Dollars

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