ok first your going to need a stage coach but the little raceing coachs may work the best for turning around and such but when you got a coach go near any building you want to go in,your going to have to shot the horse because if you dont the guy will just get out the other way but when you shoot the horse dead he'll alwas jump out to the left so you need to have the left side of the coach against the building you want to go in or to test it so you dont mess it up just go near the building and press the button to ge out of it if he goes to the right that means the glitch will work than get back in the coach and shoot the horse in the head and he'll jump out on the left side and you'll jump right throw the wall its also how you get into the Mc gurgars house or how ever you spell there name i tested it on may building befor it works for all buildings but please note your not able to get out of all the buildings you may go in with out comiting sueicide have fun

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