If you all havve heard about the ghost in the game i hate to sya but its true. There's the ghost at at old manshion at GAPTOOTH RIDGE. There's the ghost in the ghost train easter egg/glitch. There's the ghostat LAS HERMANAS-in order to find this ghost you need to chance everyone out of the build and shoot all the lights at mid night once thats done you'll be able to see moveing shadows. There's also a ghost at BEECHER'S HOPE-this ghost is very very rare to find you must complete 100% of the game and go to the old Marston's house as Jake and shoot all the light's and dance or do anything on his dead parent's grave but shooting doesnt work dont know why and once that's done shoot all the lights in the house open the chest in the attic and stay in the attic for awhile and at mid night 12:00 A.M you'll see moveing shadows and you'll hear Jake's mother's voice saying Jake very softly. I got the crazy idea about these ghost stuff but not the first 2 and they worked and their not my imagineation do the easter eggs and you'll see and than comment but like i said the ghost at Jake's old house is very randomly rare it toke me forever to find it.

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