Hey guy's im just here to say that i found afew new mods for red dead redemption that are comeing soon. There's the fish mod where your able to go hunting for fish and such and there's master mod which give's you the ability to use the red dead redemption guns as todays new ore highly evolved versions of the guns like the high powered pistol as a desert eagal all i know about these dates of the mods that are comeing in 2011 in january thats all i know about them them and the dates. Me and afew of my friends are makeing the fishing mod for x-box and PC we are doing this because everyone is talking about mods that are comeing out for red dead redemption and i wanted to make one oh and this mod gives you the ability to swim but there are some sharks and more evil ass fish in the mod and the reason why were takeing awhile on this mod is becase we dont want any of that fake shit in the game so were trying to make it look bleended in with the game so you can enjoy it.

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