In this i'll tell you the most messed up glitch in red dead redemption. If you start a new game and go pass the MCfarlane's ranch were theres moutains and such. You'll need the law running after you,and go to the water fall and it will say tall trees thats when you know your at the right spot,get arrested and you'll go to black water. Get yourself killed so you'll go back to the ranch where you get a lasso and go to the stage coach near the train station on the left when you wlak out of the shank where you save the game and you'll have black water for 13$ clike it and well your going have to see it for yourself its to hard to say it sorry but the glitch is really messed up please do the glitch first befor you comment and it is true im not lieing or makeing it up. All i can say its like your high in a hippy dream

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