ok i got some ideas and such anthey worked right across from the saveing zoe or a.k.a your house theres the whore house with that got with a piano and theres stairs and such go to the back of the building and there would be 2 big windos shoot all the glass off of 1 of the big windows and just jump throw it and you'll be in the closet and to get back out just jump out the window again

behind the saloon there would be windows with bars shoot all th glass off of 1 window and on the right side of the sallon there would be a lobster cage just move the lobster cage infront of the window you just shot up and jump on the cage and jump again and you'll go right throw the bars but i did it and i couldnt find a way out-.- so if you find any ways to get out please tell me lol

so have fun

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