• Foxtrot12

    Greetings Wikians. I have been playing Red Dead Redemption for some time and have succeded in attaining 100% completion on the singleplayer campaign. Having done this I am starting to move to Multiplayer in this wonderful game and was thinking about creating a Posse/Clan in the multiplayer. Before I make it I decided to post it as a blog to see if anyone was interested in joining so that I do not just make a clan with me as the only member. Here are the details.

    The Posse would be entitled Carlson's Raiders. (Yes it is a reference to Call of Duty World at War.)

    The clan would be focused on waging war on Mexico and other gangs on the American Homefront by means of raiding strongholds (Hence the name, raiders the Carlson's part is homage to WA…

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