Sorry to staff

    October 13, 2011 by GREATMILENKO13

    I posted a tip on skinning yesterday that was closed 5 seconds after posting it,just wanted to say i am sorry to admin/staff it was unintentional.i will do more reading the first few days or so until I'm sure how things work,being a new member here things are a bit confusing(i did read the rules).So once again i am sorry for posting a skinning tip that i ran across after the fact.

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    October 12, 2011 by GREATMILENKO13

    Hello all,

    I own quite a few games for the PS3 ,but no other game has been more addicting than Red Dead Redemption..

    With what seems to be endless things to do in the game,and online.I play it as much as I can with in reason,I also have somewhat of a life aside from gaming,I work,have a few other hobbies,and I am also a father of a 2yr. old daughter whom occupies the majority of my life.

    I hope others see my posse page GREAT_MILENKO_13'S and would like to join(info on page),other than that I'm pretty much all by myself right now while playing multiplayer,and if you are like me wandering the great expanses of RDR alone online then you feel my pain..

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