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  • I live in in a pile of paperwork and textbooks.
  • I was born on October 27
  • My occupation is currently non-existant. Win!
  • I am the best guy you'll ever meet, regardless.
  • Gamer.Matt

    I'll lay this out in steps.

    1: Copy the RDR files, using a program called CDRip, and place them in the HDD of the Playstation, or insert the RDR game disc into the DVD drive of your computer. I chose the latter option.

    2: Using DaemonTools, stage an ISO of the disc by right-clicking on it. ->

    3: Open the Hard Drive of your computer and find the ISO file that Daemontools has uploaded. It should have a book icon and the name of your game.

    4: Open the file using WinRAR and access the raw game files of your disc-based game as they appear in the hard drive file.

    5: Using a compatible program, open the files and read them as you wish.

    I hope this answers questions on how I do this to find names of RDR characters.

    "...Since when do snipers have wings?!"…

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  • Gamer.Matt

    New Jack - Chapter 8

    April 2, 2012 by Gamer.Matt

    With an amplified feeling of disheartedness, we all took one last shot of whiskey, changed out of our uniforms and hit the trail back to America. With no objective and one less friend, we all made the decision to get a little bit of revenge for Harlow before heading back to the states, so we rode to Tesoro Azul.

    Upon arriving, we were surprised to see massacred nuns and preachers, and to realize that the town was once a fortified religious area. There was at least 20 soldiers inside. We parked our horses and took cover behind a wagon, as I gave them a plan. "Alright, boys. We're doing this for Harlow. Moorcock, you go around back. Ty, you're gonna follow me. Let's go." We jumped up and rushed the front gate as Moorcock ran to the back. Gunf…

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  • Gamer.Matt

    Scars - Chapter 7

    April 1, 2012 by Gamer.Matt

    After paying respects to Harlow and carrying him back to the base camp to be shipped back Stateside, we sat down to contemplate what had just happened. Morgansson was in the field hospital and I had been appointed the leader of the squad for the time being. As we sat around the table with our minds full and our shot glasses empty, we pondered what to do next. Just then, a man with a perfectly trimmed handlebar moustache hopped off of a white stallion across the camp. His eyes locked with mine as he moved across the outcrop of tents and sat down with us. "General Montgomery." His voice was low and gruff, and he was obviously a heavy smoker, judging by the ambient smell of cigarettes and the lighter and cigars tucked behind the band of his f…

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  • Gamer.Matt

    The squad dove to the left as I dove to the right. Cannon fire rained down on the road between us as the Federales rushed out of the town. One of them spotted the squad as I snuck into a bush. I heard his voice as he unholstered a revolver. "Pinche gringo! Habla espanol, Americano?" I saw Harlow shake his head as the soldier spoke again. "Ah, a real American, eh? What's your name, puto?" Harlow looked down and spoke, as I noticed that he was slowly reaching for his revolver. "Harlow, sir. Red Harlow." His hand was now on his pistol. "Harlow, eh? Alright, gringo. Harlow. You follow us, si?" Harlow nodded before standing and drawing his LeMat. He fired one shot before the click of the hammer reminded him of the dead Mexican soldier in the st…

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  • Gamer.Matt

    I gripped the reins of the horse with knuckles as white as its' speckled coat, and dug the spurs of my boots into its' sides. It took off down the road so quickly that I had almost fallen, but I quickly regained control and assumed riding formation behind my squad. We were heading to Chuparosa, a small town in the middle of bandit country, deep in Nuevo Paraiso. I had never been there, but from what I'd heard, it wasn't exactly a friendly place.

    As we neared the town, I heard Morgansson yell from the front of the pack. "Spin 'em up, boys!" He grabbed his Schofield revolver from its' holster, popped two rounds in the vacant chambers, and spun the cylinder before throwing it back and holstering it again. All the other members of the squad did…

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