I awoke to 3 faces, who I quickly identified as Ty, Harlow, and Moorcock. Ty had me by my vest straps and was shaking me. "Get up, partner! It's almost Six." I wiped my eyes and struggled to my feet. I retrieved my rifle from the wagon, and examined my surroundings.

For the first time, I really got a good look at the members of the squad. Ty was tall and skinny, with pale skin. He wore round glasses, and looked to me like a typical city boy. Just for giggles, I motioned to him and he replied with "Hey". His voice matched his appearence. Moorcock reminded me a little bit of an indian, with his red bandana flying in the cool Mexican breeze. He wore no shirt, and his chest had a small amount of stubble, and a large amount of battle wounds. I motioned to him the same way I did to Ty, and he responded with "Yeah". Harlow was your typical soldier. His outfit was completely military-issue. Standard issue vest, standard issue combat pants, and his signature bullet-pierced hat. I gestured to him, and then noticed he was looking away. Wondering what I looked like after not seeing myself in almost 2 months, I looked into a piece of broken glass on the ground. My hair was down to my eyebrows in front, and the sides of my hair just barely hung over my ears. The only thing military issue about me was my vest. I was currently wearing a pair of dark green slacks and a long sleeve, tan button-down. I had stuck leaves into both the shirt and pants to make a sort of leafed suit. My hat was standard cavalry issue, but with netting draped across it and leaves stuck in the netting.

So this was our squad.... A redneck from Texas, a city boy, a conformist, a veteran, and a raggidy-ass sniper. I chuckled. Just then, the driver of the wagon hopped down and almost hit me. Morgansson yelled a few illicit curses at me and then shoved me out of the way. The squad emerged from the back of the wagon and formed in a horizontal line infront of him. "You know what to do, ladies." He gestured to five horses approximately 50 feet behind him. Silently, I hoped that this experience went better than my first.

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