I'll lay this out in steps.

1: Copy the RDR files, using a program called CDRip, and place them in the HDD of the Playstation, or insert the RDR game disc into the DVD drive of your computer. I chose the latter option.


How to stage an ISO.

2: Using DaemonTools, stage an ISO of the disc by right-clicking on it. ->

3: Open the Hard Drive of your computer and find the ISO file that Daemontools has uploaded. It should have a book icon and the name of your game.

Opening the Hard Disc.

4: Open the file using WinRAR and access the raw game files of your disc-based game as they appear in the hard drive file.

5: Using a compatible program, open the files and read them as you wish.

Finding the game files.

I hope this answers questions on how I do this to find names of RDR characters.

"...Since when do snipers have wings?!" Gamer.Matt 16:21, April 2, 2012 (UTC)

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