With an amplified feeling of disheartedness, we all took one last shot of whiskey, changed out of our uniforms and hit the trail back to America. With no objective and one less friend, we all made the decision to get a little bit of revenge for Harlow before heading back to the states, so we rode to Tesoro Azul.

Upon arriving, we were surprised to see massacred nuns and preachers, and to realize that the town was once a fortified religious area. There was at least 20 soldiers inside. We parked our horses and took cover behind a wagon, as I gave them a plan. "Alright, boys. We're doing this for Harlow. Moorcock, you go around back. Ty, you're gonna follow me. Let's go." We jumped up and rushed the front gate as Moorcock ran to the back. Gunfire erupted on our positions as the army spotted us. Not a smart plan. I threw open the front gates and we rushed forward to a wall. Blindfiring over the broken down bricks, I managed to take out 5 men infront of a building as Ty took down 3 across the road with his Evans Repeater. Just as two soldiers closed in on our flank, Moorcock stormed the rear with his Henry Repeater and dispatched them both. "Need some help, boys?" He chuckled. I reloaded my weapon, as did Ty, and we stood up to meet him.

"Alright, let's check the houses." We all seperated to the buildings around the area, with the occasional gunshot going off now and again as one of us found a soldier cowering in a room. Finally, we came upon the last building. "Hit it." Moorcock kicked in the door as a soldier rushed from behind the doorframe. I pinned him against the wall with my forearm across his neck and placed my revolver point-blank to his head, executing him. As we broke open the last room, I put two shots into an officer, and found a man in a familiar uniform lying on the ground. After Ty cut him open and he stood up, I recognized that he was from the same base as us, and he was a Corporal. "You can ride with us from now on, soldier. What's your name?" He spoke in a voice similar to Harlow's.

"Name's Williamson, boys. Bill Williamson. I guess I was a bit tied up."

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