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  • GodOfPepsi

    My RDR Story Part 5

    February 11, 2012 by GodOfPepsi

    Part 5 Killing Bandits With Ricketts

    The Train comes to a stop at Chuparosa and John and a few other people get off

    Seth:Bye John.

    John:Bye Seth good luck with your treasure.

    Seth:Thanks Partner.

    John walks a little while in Chuparosa until he finds Landon Ricketts playing Poker with some other people

    John:Why hello Mr.Ricketts.

    Ricketts:John what a suprise how are ya?

    John:Ok I guess I was wondering if you could help me capture or kill the leader of a gang.

    Ricketts:Hmmmm I guess I could help but first could you help me with something?

    John:Sure what is it?

    Ricketts:A group of bandits have been terrorizing the town and I need your help to get rid of 'em.

    John:What are the Rebels doing?

    Ricketts:Not much they can't really catch them.

    John:Ok lets head o…

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  • GodOfPepsi

    My RDR Story Part 4

    February 9, 2012 by GodOfPepsi

    Part 4 The Train Robbery

    John peaks out of the train window to see a gang with guns pointed at the train

    Gang Leader:This is a robbery everyone come out with their hands up!

    The Conductor and a few Civillians walk off the train with their hands up

    Seth:What are we gonna do?

    John:We gotta fight.

    John jumps out of cover and shoots and kills the Gang Leader

    Gang Member:Take cover!!

    The Gang takes cover behind some rocks and John peeks out of cover and shoots 2 Gang Members

    John looks at the Civillian who pushed Seth

    John:Can you shoot?

    Civillian:More or less.

    John:Good enough for me.

    The Civillian peeks out of cover but is shot in the head and killed by a Gang Member


    Seth goes over by the Civillians dead body and reaches into his pocket and takes …

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  • GodOfPepsi

    My RDR Story Part 3

    February 9, 2012 by GodOfPepsi

    Part 3 Edward's Whereabouts

    John is out patrolling the area for Marshal Johnson when he is ambushed by two Walton Gang members

    Walton Gang Member #1:Die you bastard!

    John:What the-

    John shoots one of the members and shoots the other member in the leg and hogties him

    John:Your coming with me!

    Walton Gang Member #2:Let me go!

    John puts the hogtied Gang Member on his horse and rides to Armadillo

    Walton Gang Member #2:Your gonna pay!

    John arrives in Armadillo

    John:Johnson! I captured one of em!

    The Marshal walks out

    Marshal:Good work John.

    The Marshal brings the Gang Member inside where Jonah and Eli are

    John:Hey Jonah! Hows your arm.

    Jonah:Like you care!

    Marshal:Jonah! Leave!

    Jonah leaves

    Eli:Sorry 'bout him.

    John:Its fine.

    Marshal walks over to the hogtied Gang…

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  • GodOfPepsi

    My RDR Story Part 2

    February 9, 2012 by GodOfPepsi

    Part 2 The Attack on Armadillo

    John goes to a couple of stores and buys some ammo and arrives back at the Marshal's office

    John:I bought some ammo.

    Marshal:Good I sent Jonah and Eli out to scout the area.

    John:When should they be back?

    They hear some horses ride up

    Marshal:Right about now.

    They walk out to see Jonah and Eli dismounting their horses

    Eli:We didn't see anything.Are you sure there coming?

    Marshal:Thats what John said they said.

    Jonah:Well I doubt there coming.

    A gunshot is fired and the bullet hits Jonah's hat and takes it right off his head


    They all get to cover and see about a hundred Walton Gang members riding up with Edward in front

    Marshal:Good God!

    They all begin shooting and take out about 15 Walton Gang members while th…

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  • GodOfPepsi

    My RDR Story Part 1

    February 9, 2012 by GodOfPepsi

    Part 1 The Walton Gang's Revenge

    At John's home,him and Abigail are sleeping when suddenly they hear a loud gunshot followed by many more

    Abigail:What was that?

    John:I'll go check.

    John runs to the living room where he see's Jack

    Jack:Whats goin on Pa?

    John:Im not sure.Im gonna go check wait here.

    John opens the door to see a bunch of Walton Gang members and the new leader,Walton's little brother Edward


    Edward:Why hello John.

    John:Who are you!

    Edward:Oh sorry where are my manners?Oh yeah long gone my name is Edward im Walton's brother and im here to get revenge you bastard! This is for my brother who you and your no good Marshal friend arrested!

    Edward shoots at John and hits the lantern right above John and it sets Johns pants on fire.


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