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Part 1 The Walton Gang's Revenge

At John's home,him and Abigail are sleeping when suddenly they hear a loud gunshot followed by many more

Abigail:What was that?

John:I'll go check.

John runs to the living room where he see's Jack

Jack:Whats goin on Pa?

John:Im not sure.Im gonna go check wait here.

John opens the door to see a bunch of Walton Gang members and the new leader,Walton's little brother Edward


Edward:Why hello John.

John:Who are you!

Edward:Oh sorry where are my manners?Oh yeah long gone my name is Edward im Walton's brother and im here to get revenge you bastard! This is for my brother who you and your no good Marshal friend arrested!

Edward shoots at John and hits the lantern right above John and it sets Johns pants on fire.


Edward:Were goin for your Marshal friend next!

The Walton Gang rides off

Jack runs out

Jack:Pa! I'll get water.

Jack quickly runs inside and brings back a pale of water

Jack:Here Pa!

Jack throws the water on John's leg and puts out the fire

John:Thanks son.

Jack:Who were they?

John:Just some old enemies

Jack:What are we gonna do they shot up the silo and now all the cow food is falling out!

John:Well im not sure.....

Abigail runs out

Abigail:Oh god! What happened?

John:The damn Walton Gang got their revenge I guess.


John:Some gang.Me and a friend from Armadillo arrested their leader.


John:There headed for Armadillo.I have to go and help the Marshal.

John runs inside and gets dressed and then goes to the barn and grabs his gun and lasso

John:I'll be back as soon as I can.

Abigail:Ok bye.

John kisses Abigail and hugs Jack

John rides off for Armadillo

Jack:Great Pa's gone again.

Abigail:He'll be back dont worry.


Uncle runs out with a shotgun

Uncle:Die you bast- oh what the hell happened.

Abigail:I'll explain inside.

They all walk inside

The next morning John arrives at Armadillo and runs in the Marshal's office


Marshal:Ah hello John whats wrong?

John:The Walton Gang is back.They shot up my farm and they said they were coming here next.

Marshal:Hmmm....well I guess we better prepare.

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