John marston
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Rdr jonah
Part 2 The Attack on Armadillo

John goes to a couple of stores and buys some ammo and arrives back at the Marshal's office

John:I bought some ammo.

Marshal:Good I sent Jonah and Eli out to scout the area.

John:When should they be back?

They hear some horses ride up

Marshal:Right about now.

They walk out to see Jonah and Eli dismounting their horses

Eli:We didn't see anything.Are you sure there coming?

Marshal:Thats what John said they said.

Jonah:Well I doubt there coming.

A gunshot is fired and the bullet hits Jonah's hat and takes it right off his head


They all get to cover and see about a hundred Walton Gang members riding up with Edward in front

Marshal:Good God!

They all begin shooting and take out about 15 Walton Gang members while the rest take cover

A couple civillians join the fight

Civillian #1:Were here to help Marshal!

Marshal:Looks like we got help John!

John:So it seems.

They continue shooting and take out about 10 more Walton's Gang members but Jonah is shot in the arm

Jonah:Aahh im hit!

Eli runs over to Jonah

Eli:I'll take him to a doctor cover me!

Eli carries Jonah to the doctors office while John,Marshal Johnson and some civillians cover him

In the doctors office the Doctor is taking cover

Eli:This man is wounded.

Eli lays Jonah down on the couch

Jonah:Oww help me dammit!

Doctor:I'll see what I can do.

Outside the Marshal,John and the civillians are fighting hard and take out about 20 more Walton's Gang members

About 10 more Civillians join the fight and behind the Walton Gang a bunch of Lawmen ride in


The Walton Gang retreats but some are shot by the Lawmen

Marshal:Thank you John.

John:It was nothing but we have to take them down....

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