John marston
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Eli and Jonah
Part 3 Edward's Whereabouts

John is out patrolling the area for Marshal Johnson when he is ambushed by two Walton Gang members

Walton Gang Member #1:Die you bastard!

John:What the-

John shoots one of the members and shoots the other member in the leg and hogties him

John:Your coming with me!

Walton Gang Member #2:Let me go!

John puts the hogtied Gang Member on his horse and rides to Armadillo

Walton Gang Member #2:Your gonna pay!

John arrives in Armadillo

John:Johnson! I captured one of em!

The Marshal walks out

Marshal:Good work John.

The Marshal brings the Gang Member inside where Jonah and Eli are

John:Hey Jonah! Hows your arm.

Jonah:Like you care!

Marshal:Jonah! Leave!

Jonah leaves

Eli:Sorry 'bout him.

John:Its fine.

Marshal walks over to the hogtied Gang Member

Marshal:Tell me where Edward is.

Walton Gang Member #2:Never! I'll see you in hell first!


Eli punches the Gang Member in the gut

Walton Gang Member #2:Ok ok i'll tell you.He went to Mexico he has a hideout there he's recruiting more members.

Marshal:Ok were done with you.

The Marshal puts the Gang Member in the jail cell and they leave the office and go outside were Jonah is

Jonah:He give us any info?

Marshal:He sure did.So what now John? going to Mexico.

Marshal:Well ok I wish I could come with but I got a town to protect.Good luck.

John:Thanks Marshal.

Eli:Bye John


Eli:Lighten up Jonah.

Jonah:No thanks.

John:Heh well Good luck everyone.

John heads off for the train station and a train arrives and John gets on along with a few other people

Conductor:All aboard?!

The train heads off and John puts his hat over his eyes and tries to catch some sleep but someone walks by him and bumps into another person on the train

Civillian:Hey watch it you skinny bastard!

John takes his hat off his eyes and see's Seth and another civillian

Seth:Sorry partner.

Civillian:Don't "sorry partner me".

The Civillian pushes Seth and John gets up

John:Leave him alone!

Civillian:Shut up!

John draws gun and so does the civillian put suddenly they hear gunshots and yelling

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