John marston
Part 4 The Train Robbery

John peaks out of the train window to see a gang with guns pointed at the train

Gang Leader:This is a robbery everyone come out with their hands up!

The Conductor and a few Civillians walk off the train with their hands up

Seth:What are we gonna do?

John:We gotta fight.

John jumps out of cover and shoots and kills the Gang Leader

Gang Member:Take cover!!

The Gang takes cover behind some rocks and John peeks out of cover and shoots 2 Gang Members

John looks at the Civillian who pushed Seth

John:Can you shoot?

Civillian:More or less.

John:Good enough for me.

The Civillian peeks out of cover but is shot in the head and killed by a Gang Member


Seth goes over by the Civillians dead body and reaches into his pocket and takes his money


Seth:He's dead John.


John peeks out of cover and kills the last 3 Gang Members

Conductor:Thank you so much!

John:No problem now lets go I got to get to Mexico

Conductor:Yes of course!

The Conductor starts the train

Seth:Your goin to Mexico John?


Seth:Im also goin to Mexico John!

John:Why? Wait let me guess another treasure your dreaming of finding?


John sighs

Seth:But this one is gonna be better then some dumb 'ol glass eye.

John:Just so you know im not helping you.

Seth:Im fine with that John!

John:Good so where are you getting off?

Seth:Im not sure.First I need the map.

John:You dont have the map?

Seth:Not yet John,not yet.

John:And how do you expect to get it?

Seth:Im not exactly sure.

John sighs

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