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My RDR Story Part 5

GodOfPepsi February 11, 2012 User blog:GodOfPepsi
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Part 5 Killing Bandits With Ricketts

The Train comes to a stop at Chuparosa and John and a few other people get off

Seth:Bye John.

John:Bye Seth good luck with your treasure.

Seth:Thanks Partner.

John walks a little while in Chuparosa until he finds Landon Ricketts playing Poker with some other people

John:Why hello Mr.Ricketts.

Ricketts:John what a suprise how are ya?

John:Ok I guess I was wondering if you could help me capture or kill the leader of a gang.

Ricketts:Hmmmm I guess I could help but first could you help me with something?

John:Sure what is it?

Ricketts:A group of bandits have been terrorizing the town and I need your help to get rid of 'em.

John:What are the Rebels doing?

Ricketts:Not much they can't really catch them.

John:Ok lets head out.

They mount their horses and head off towards the gangs hideout

Ricketts:I heard about what happened to Luisa.

John:Yeah....its a shame and that bastard Reyes cant even remember her know how many times I wanted to put a bullet in his head?

Ricketts:No but im guessing alot.

John:Yeah but I need his help.

Ricketts:How so?

John:Im hoping he's also gonna help me get rid of this gang.

Suddenly they are ambushed by bandits


John and Ricketts shoot a couple bandits and dismount their horses and take cover

Bandit Leader:Kill the bastards whoever kills Ricketts gets $100.

John gets out of cover and shoots and kills the leader and two other bandits

Ricketts:Only about five more.

Ricketts and John kill the last bandits

Ricketts:Good work John.


Ricketts:So you also need Reyes help?

John:I need his Rebels and you mainly.I need the Rebels to create a distraction while me and you silently kill the gang from behind.

Ricketts:Hmmm that could work.

They ride back to Chuparosa

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