I think that the storyline of the New "Red dead" Game should be from Jack Marston's perspective. After the

storyline of Red Dead Redemption. The main task for jack would be doing would be getting revenge for the

deaths of Abigail, John, and Uncle. He would also be doing very many dirty deeds for some not to great

people, trying to get info on the whereabouts of the government agents, by Assassinating them in some very

expensive and tasteful manors, blowing up heavily guarded trains that they are traveling on, and maybe even chasing

down a car on horseback to take out one, then dumping the dead bodies in rivers in attempts to get rid of evidence, but

by the end of the storyline,being found and killed, and taken back to beecher's hope, to be buried with Abigail, John, and Uncle.

Also (Not storyline based):

  • Have a 21st century car hidden in a far off area, in Multiplayer and Single-player, which is easy to remove the car from, but not easy to find, most likely a Ferrari or a Mustang, to keep in theme with horses being the main mode of travel.
  • Perhaps some more safehouses that are full, multi-roomed homes, rather then single rooms
  • The ability to sit in a row-boat and move it along a river, being killed if going over a waterfall.
  • When hogtying hookers, if the player returns with them to a safehouse, have the ability to place her on the bed and do her, then afterwards, release and pay her, or kill her.
  • The ability to save, wagons, coaches, carts at safehouses, rather then only horses.

I claim ownership of the storyline and other abilities.

Leave comments to let me know what you think or to add ideas.

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