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    RDR: The Gunslingers

    November 10, 2012 by Gunman for real

    "Hi everyone! This is my last short story in the wikia ( I`ve made quite a few ). It's about the characters in the facebook game RDR: Gunslingers and Undead Nightmare, hope you enjoy it."

    - The hole state is doomed Governor. The plague has hit New Austin's biggest settlements, there is nothing we could do to save it, we must get out of here.- a suited man told the Governor. Nate Johnson stood up and looked at him.

    - Not yet, I have one more card to play.- he paused. - Bring the gunslingers.

    The suited man nodded and after an hour and a half, a group of six persons were standing in front of the president. This people weren't normal citizens. They were convicts, criminals most of them were hold in an special prison hidden in the mountains of T…

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    The Seeker

    October 12, 2012 by Gunman for real

    Three years had passed from Jack Marston's father. He had recovered from the emotional wounds that it had made to him, when he killed Ross in a duel. Now, he was working as a Marshal, in Blackwater, Great Plains. He had enough money to buy a small apartment in town, and he was doing well. His boss at the time, was Guy Crossfield, an experienced lawman. He had arranged a meeting with Jack, in his office.

    Jack sat down, and saw a serious look in Crossfield's face. His boss, threw his cigarette away and started to speak.

    - Well boy, I've called you because I have a job for you.- before Jack could ask him, he gave the answer to him.

    - You need to arrest Archer Fordham.- Jack froze in an instant, and tried to speak to him.

    - Why sir?.- he asked.

    - B…

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    August 31, 2012 by Gunman for real

    Hi, partners! You see, after reading different articles in the wiki, I THINK I'VE COME WITH SOMETHING. It is that "maybe", Lola del Rìo and Scarlet Lady are the same character. For those who don't know about it, Lola del Rìo is a cover girl ( as well as Scarlet Lady ) in GTA 4 R* game. In my opinion, this characters are the same, but who knows why R* would do this, or if it's just some crazy thing I've come out with. Comment below and share your opinions!

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    RDR Frotiermen

    August 26, 2012 by Gunman for real

    This is an outlaw story I made from characters of RDR, it's not cannon, only fictional. It's also a response to some Wikia user's wish.

    The long desert of Cholla Springs was being covered by a violet and orange afternoon sky. It was 18:30 P.M in New Austin. Some figures were standing on top of a hill, looking to Ridgewood Farm. Their shadows could be seen carrying shotguns and rifles. One of them put down a pair of binoculars from his eyes and turned to speak to the rest of the people.

    - Look's like a fine place to rob.- Harry Dobbing said.

    - Indeed.- Slink Bradshaw told him.

    - Well, what are we waiting for?.- Madam Hernandez ask them.- she wasn't a normal woman, she was interested in the business of robbing and murdering along with his boyfri…

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    It was 12:00 P.M in Blackwater. Joseph Scranton, owner of a restaurant, was sitting in a bench, near the bay. A man carefully walked near him and started to read the newspaper. Later, the man starts talking to him, about something related to his restaurant, a widow says. Then, at 12:30, the man kidnappes him and takes him hogtied to the ferry. Aparently, people didn't see this action. After this, the Morning Star Ferry sails away, to an unknown place.- Marshal and detective Guy Crossfield lowered the official report of the cause and spoke to the people present in the room.

    - Well, my fellow workmates, it seems that we got a job to do.- he said. - So we better start quickly before this man is killed or something. Claude Banfield, you are in …

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