After Dr. Lane Davis explained the plan to Billy Sanchez, they could see that he wasn´t very convinced about the success of it. He was right, three men wouldn´t be able to match against an entire gang. They needed a batallion, a gang. Billy could get that for them.

As a former leader of the rebel´s hideout in Nosalida, he would tell his people to be ready and follow the plan. The rebels were full of hate and seeking for vengeance. Walton´s gang were selling guns to the Mexican Army, who used them to kill the rebels. In exchange, the gang got gold. Bars and bars of solid gold.

They would strike in the darkness of the night. With their shouts and gunshots, they would alert and distract Walton´s gang, and the three men would get inside, set the hostages free and look for La Valley.

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