Connor Callahan and his group of lawmen, were drinking some beer at Armadillo´s pub. One of them, Charlie Burg was trying to make an advance on one of the prostitutes, the other ones were just hanging out and taking a break from their exausting job. .

Fred Everts, Connor´s best friend, was telling a story to one of his colleagues when they all heard a shot. That shot was followed by many others and they took cover behind a house that was very near the pub. Connor used the ladder to get a sniping spot at the terrace. He took his Rolling Block rifle and aimed down it´s telescoping sights.

Far away in the hills, Walton´s gang was coming. He hold his breath, aimed again and took the to shot. He shot Walton in the chest, killing him instantly and dropping him to the ground. As they kept approaching, the lawmen tried to hold them. One of them took out his revolver and aimed for Connor´s head. Luckily, he went to cover, but the bullet hit a wall and thousands of shards of wood got to his leg.

While watching that, his friend and colleague Fred Everts, with a fierce anger, shot a couple of them with an Evans Repeater. Without leader and out numbered gang turned back and never came back, at least for a while..

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