I´ve found a GLITCH in Armadillo´s pub. I tell you how it goes and you may tell me if you´ve seen it too, or if it had already been found.

While walking inside Armadillo´s pub, you may see a bunch of Walton´s boys there. To make the glitch happen you must: Walk to one of these guys and punch/push him, without alerting the other guys. Then, you must knock him down. When he is knocked down, pull out any gun, and then put it back in it´s holster (unless you want to start a gunfight). The man will stood up with a gun in his hand. Your job is to continue punching him until you knock him down again. The guy will dropp his revolver and ammo, and will be unarmed. Then aim your gun anf shoot him in the head while he is in th floor.

Strange, but, you won´t recieve any wanting level ! Maybe, because he may be an outlaw after taking out his gun, WHO KNOWS?, Leave your comments below.

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