It was night in Blackwater, Great Plains. Guy Crossfield was standing in the porch of Blackwater's Saloon. He reached for a matchbox and lit up a cigarette. Smoke rised and covered his face. It was starting to rain, a few drops had hit the ground. He heard a few noises in the dark. Suddenly, people were starting to shout.

Guy Crossfield stared to the road and dropped his cigarette. Five figures emerged from the dark. - Bollard's.- he thought. The Bollard Twin's gang was suposed to be extinct, but clearly, they weren't. A member of the gang looked at the lawman.

- Hey, Marshal.- The Tudisco Kid shouted.

Guy Crossfield pretended to be distracted until then. He looked back and put his hand in his black Double Action revolver. The Tudisco Kid shouted again.

- Yeah you !.

The other members could be seen in the dark. John Kelby told their mates to take out their guns. Charlie Nash, Gus Ballard and Slink Bradshaw were there too. Their Pump-Action Shutguns made the people run away from the place.

- They are filming a motion picture?.- he asked them. - So many actors here.

The Tudisco Kid was angry and told him. - Let our friend go free Marshal.

- That's something you'd have to dream 'cause Guy Crossfield brings em all in. - he said.

- The Tudisco Kid took out a Cattleman revolver and shoot his chest. Guy Crossfield was kneeling on the ground. Gus Ballard pumped his shotgun and fired, ripping open the lawman's chest. The Marshal was looking at the sky, ready for the end. Shots were heard and a posse of lawmen were coming for them.

Alden Renshaw lead the posse, with his Semi-Auto Shotgun. Also, Benton Manning had arrived with his Spencer Carbine. The eleven lawmen surrounded the gang and arrested the men.

The next day, they were going to be hang them in the main square. The judge asked their leader, The Tudisco Kid.

- What is your answer to all your charges mister?.

- I shot the Sheriff.- he said.

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