Two months had passed from Walton´s gang attack. Now lawman Fred Everts was marrying Sarah Grace, a woman from Great Plains. The ceremony was one Sunday, at Coot´s Chapel, and at 12 o´clock. Almost everyone in Armadillo attended the ceremony, except for Fred´s colleague Seth La Valley. Of course, Connor Callahan and Charlie Burg were there as well as the rest of Armadillo´s lawmen. The priest was saying the final words when they broke in. Walton´s gang. First they shot Sarah, who died almost instantly and dropped to the floor. After that, they shot a lawman named R.J. Peart, and killed him in front of his family. Inmediately after that, they left.

Fred was laying on the ground. He was bleeding and had a shot in his chest. He shared his last words with his friend Connor. The experienced man had seen many people die during his life, but nothing was like this. No word came from Connor, but Fred made him promise something. That he would make them pay for killing his wife. After that, he passed away with Charlie and all his friends next to him.

With his eyes filled with tears, Connor Callahan ran to Armadillo, with a known suspect, Seth La Valley. He knew when was the ceremony being carried on, and informed Walton´s gang about it, as an exchange, five bars of solid gold .He burst into his house, furiously carrying his semi-automatic pistol. But he wasn´t there..

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