They took the hood off from Cooper Reed´s face. The sun stroke him directly in his eyes. The Hanging Rock. It seemed to be the most lonely place in the hole desert. Interrogation began. The only thing that Cooper didn´t told them was that Connor´s punches hurt much more than Lane´s. Apparently, while most of the gang was attacking Benedict Point, some of them would bring a wagon with an explosive cargo, to threaten the lawmen at the moment of the rescue, ensuring that they would get their payment. The wagon was to be brought from Chuparosa, in Mexico. That seemed like the first difficulty. After the war, Americans are not very well treated in the Mexican frontier, they had to make a plan.

Of course, Connor´s especiallity. To be able to acomplish it and mix among the Mexican people, first they should leave their horses and weapons behind. Then, they would get inside the cargo wagon of the train that travels to Chuparosa, where they would carefully spot suspicious things being carried on. If they had success, they would steal and crash the wagon, and would send a man, acting like from the gang, to inform the ones at Benedict point, that the cargo had a delay, then it was the perfect trap, to be able to strike.

They had the plan, they had the skills, but they didn´t had the man. The man who would be pretending to be from Walton´s gang. Were would they get someone like that, in a land where they were total strangers.

While walking through the desert, they heard shots, they heard screams, and they heard the horrible silence of death. That´s when they saw them. Five officers from the Mexican Army were executing a bunch of rebels, just for fun.They had to act, and they had to act fast. Though they agreed on taking no weapons, Connor Callahan couldn´t bring justice without his gun. Five shots, five kills. On his knees, with hands over the back of his head, there was a man. And that man was named Billy Sanchez. He sure was an outlaw, but he would be useful. The man stood up, thanking the men for what they had done, and telling them that he was in debt with them and would do anything they wanted him to do for saving his life.

They had the plan, they had the skills and now they had the man. Time to get it done.

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