Just as Cooper Reed said, Walton´s gang took over Benedict Point the next day. They took hostages and expected the cargo of explosives to be delivered from Chuparosa. With it, they would threaten the lawmen to pay for a very expensive rescue. But in the middle of the night, a single man came, and informed the rest of the gang that the wagon was arriving with some delay, he was Billy Sanchez. Obviously, he was lying, as Connor Callahan and Dr. Lane Davis had stolen it and crashed it hours ago. The plan was working perfectly. Soon, a batallion of about a hundred rebels would strike and distract the gang in the middle of the night, while Billy, Connor and Lane would do their job.

Dale Chesson kept aiming at a hostage´s head with his revolver. Soon, the land started trembling.. First came the screams of approaching death, then the gunshots. Walton´s gang people panicked, and tried to hold them, they weren´t doing very well.

Connor Callahan and his crew, took this as an advantage and set the hostages free, while looking for Seth La Valley, the traitor. Together, Connor and Lane approached to a door, while Billy kept freeing hostages. They were ready. With a sudden move and the shout of 'Freeze', they breached the room. They had finally found him.

Something was wrong. It wasn´t him. A man was bound hand and foot, and sitting in a chair. He was wearing the same clothes than him, and in his mouth, he carried a paper with something written on it

If you want me come and get me, I´m at Tall Trees, only you Connor, and your little friend- Your best fan, Seth La Valley.

Connor Callahan destroyed the paper with a great anger. And turned back to see all of Walton´s gang people dead. At least that one went good.

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