Connor whistled for his horse, and mounted it, then he galloped as fast as he could. He was pursuing the caravan. Seth La Valley used it as a distraction, he panicked and he was desperate to find a hiding place. There was a ranch to the left, Beecher´s Hope, he knew a good place, it was the barn. But he couldn´t fool Connor Callahan, he knew that La Valley was scared, and he knew what he would do.

A batallion of American soldiers and Marshals, went on chasing the caravan. They shot the drivers of the wagon and arrested the ones inside. La Valley wasn´t there. One member of the gang told them were he was going, and the lawmen went to that direction.

Connor Callahan stopped his horse in the front door of the barn. He asked for him to show up. La Valley knew that Connor knew he was there, with no plan, he spoke to the lawman, and asked for mercy, he said he was sorry for all he had done. Connor asked him to come out with his hands up. As La Valley carefully opened the door, Connor took out his semi-automatic pistol and aimed. La Valley was a coward, he knew that too, he knew that he woud take that as an advantage to shoot the lawman. Behind Connor´s back, an American Army Cavalry Division was surrounding the entrance.

La Valley´s last chance to escape vanished. He came out and asked for Connor for mercy and for him not to be shot. Connor almost felt sorry for him, but he had made a promise and he was a man of his word. Connor made him remember of Fred, of Sarah, of his friends and everyone he had killed. In his final words Seth La Valley asked for mercy. Connor took aim, images of Fred and his wife flashed in his mind, he cocked the gun, then he remembered Fred Everts final words, and then he pulled the trigger, La Valley´s head rocked backwards, and his dead body dropped to the ground. The crows flew when they heard the shot. Connor Callahan had avenged him, he avenged his wife, and took revenge of everything he had done. The Cavalry put down their weapons.

A week had passed and Connor was back in Armadillo. His return was celebrated by Lane, BIlly, his colleagues and his all his friends. He earned a medal of honor and courage. He visited the graves of Fred and Sarah, and with a look at the sky, he left.

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