It was nice to be in America again, Billy thought. But Connor wasn´t thinking the same. A rumor was spreading across the frontier, Seth La Valley had a gang, and even worst, a fortress, in the middle of the forest.

Connor was a man who liked to follow the rules, just for the fun of beating people at their own game. He and Dr. Lane Davis, went to Tall Trees, alone. But Billy had arranged that the rebels would be hiding at the top of the trees, in case something bad happened.

As they approached the place, Lane was nervous, and Connor too. They stood at the front door of the fortress, and waited for him to show up. The door started to open. Connor put his hand over his holdster. There he was, Seth La Valley, as he spoke he seemed to be very confident, something was suspicious. The rebels at the trees cocked their guns, getting ready for a fight, One of them spotted something in the woods, and they all heard it click.

With a shout of Take Cover!, the fight started rain fire came from the trees and thousands of gunshots were heard on both sides. As a distraction, La Valley escaped with some of his crew, and went underground in a cave. The fight continued, as bullets hit the trees and birds kept fleeing away, it was almost imposible to drag out of cover. Sticked to the ground, and evading the gunshots, Connor and Lane were able to get inside the cave, and they realized it wasn´t just a cave, they were tunels, leading to an underground fortress.

Rebels were being taken out by Walton´s gang artillery. Billy Sanchez shot the driver of a wagon, which was carrying explosive cargo. A stick of dinamite exploded, making the cave collapse, now they were trapped in the enemy zone.

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