After Connor´s revenge, he used to hang out with his now friends, Dr. Lane Davis and Billy Sanchez. They usually went to Thieves Landing´s pub, and played some matches of Liars Dice.

One night, as Connor Callahan and his mates were taking a few rounds, they heard a boy shouting for help. They stopped drinking and approached the child to see what was wrong. The boy had about thirteen years old, he was wearing old and torn clothes. He said his father had been kidnapped by the Bollard Twin´s gang. Connor found an Italian accent in his voice and asked for his name. His name was Guido, he worked with his father, an Italian inmigrant, in his workshop. His father Francesco, was a shoe salesman. Connor looked at the boy in the eyes, he had been crying, and promised him that they would find him and bring him back, no matter the cost.

Early in the next morning, the three men went searching for the man. Back in Armadillo, everyone was sleeping at that time. They galloped up to Ridgewood. They asked the people if they had seen any suspicious activity in the area. A woman approached them, and said she´d seen a posse of eight man, carry someone through the desert, to The Hanging Rock.

As fast as they could, the men mounted their horses and went to The Hanging Rock. From a hill, they could see the place. Connor took his binoculars and looked for activity, a man was going to be hanged, next to him, eight men were laughing and spitting at the poor man. Then, Connor Callahan took out his Rolling Block rifle, shining in the sun. One of them was about to kick the man´s chair when he took the shot. As the man fell dead to the ground, the other men of the Bollard Twin´s gang started to fire at them.

Billy Sanchez killed a couple of them with his Winchester Repeater. The rest of the men took cover behind a rock. Connor aimed for the rope and shot it, the man fell to the ground and ragained his breath. Dr. Lane Davis shoot a criminal in the head with a Schofield revolver, and ran to the man, to see if he was ok. The gunfight continued. Billy killed the rest of the men.

They all gathered to help the man, but he said he was ok. Connor mounted the man in his horse and took him back to Thieves Landing. That night the man could sleep with his family again and all thanks to those men. Meanwhile in town, people were telling stories about them an their exploits, they had earned a name, The Hanging Rock Gang

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