With The Hanging Rock Gang installed in Tesoro Azul, the American Army couldn´t be able to do the job. The had a plan, to make them show up. A plan that Connor Callahan feared. The Army was going to massacre all his friends and people who knew them, to make them surrender. Tuesday morning at nine o´clock a batallion of the Cavalry division of The American Army attacked Armadillo, Connor´s town.

They burned houses, killled, and raped the women. With Leigh Johnson retired, Jonah was now the District Marshal of Armadillo. Before the massacre started, he asked the soldiers why have they come to Armadillo. The soldier asked him if he knew Connor Callahan or else The Hanging Rock Gang. He answered that they had come last Friday to have a drink at the pub. Before he could finish the sentence, the soldier shot his head with a Cattleman Revolver. Then, the massacre started. Lawmen were killed and shopskeepers were stolen.

After the massacre ended, the Captain gave a final warning to the citizens. If they didn´t capture The Hanging Rock, dead or alive, a second massacre was going to happen.

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